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BUCKS IN 2022      
Conq working Trigger 1 2022 Trigger 2022
Topknot Conqueror Autumn 2022  
                              TOPKNOT TRIGGER (0-9280-T)
                                         DOB: 07/02/2020
                                         Sire: Topknot Pirate
                                         Dam: Topknot Tilda
                                        A large buck with good length -picture spring 2022
                  New Embryo bucks born in 2022 - Embryos imported from Pacifica Boer Stud in Australia
Bruno 5 months     Trigger and Rolo 1
DOB: 10/04/2022
Sire: Pacifica Alan (PFAFP0252)
Dam: Pacifica FM0002 (PFAFM0002)
Picture at 5 months
    TOPKNOT PAC ROLO (with Trigger)
DOB: 12/04/2022
Sire: Pacifica Alan (PFAFP0252)
Dam: Pacifca FM0013 (PFAFM0013)
Picture at 6 months
                         * Hoping for kids from these New boys in 2024*
These 2 bucks have joined Topknot Pirate as stud bucks for 2021
Conqueror 2021     Dingo 2021
Topknot Conqueror ( 0-7728-S)
DOB: 28/01/2019
Sire Topknot Freddy
Dam: Topknot Celine
Very solid meaty buck. Pictured in 2021
    Topknot Dingo (0-7716-S)
DOB: 02/01/2019
Sire: Topknot Pirate
Dam: Topknot Oz Dolly
Superb length. Was born a quintuplet ! (1 of five kids  in the litter) Half brother to Topknot Donny
  Pirate Aug 2021 Topknot Pirate in 2021 (6 years old)
Still a fine meaty fellow.
Donny june2017    Donny behind 2017 Donny and Freddy 2017
Topknot Donny (0-4205-S)
DOB: 26.01.2015
Sire: Topknot Oz Duke
Dam: Topknot Oz Dolly
A big framed, long, muscular buck at only 2 years old. Home bred from imported Australian embryos.
Topknot Donny from behind at 2 years old Topknot Donny and his buckling friend Topknot Freddy in 2017
Freddy 2018 freddy rear2018 Donny on tyre 2018
Topknot Freddy (0-4633-S)
DOB: 27/01/2016
Sire: Topknot Spencer Boy
Dam: Topknot Oz Fern
A solid meaty buck with great length. 3/4 Australian genetics.
Topknot Freddy from behind in May 2018

Topknot Donny in May 2018 - 3 years old.

Red Bull2018 Bull & Pirate 2018 Pirate 2018
Red Bull of Stour Valley (0-2581-R)
DOB: 01/04/2012 (in the Netherlands)
Sire: Co 011
Dam: Nygaards Celia
Red Bull is 6 years old in photo
Red Bull and Pirate July 2018. Red Bull was imported as a kid from The Netherlands by Stour Valley Boer Goats. Topknot Pirate (0-4057-S)
DOB: 22/02/2015
Sire: Topknot Oz Sundance
Dam: Topknot Princess
A solid heavy buck with a gentle nature. Photo 2018 (3 years old)
The old Boys
 New bucks for the herd from imported Australian embryos and from AI using Australian Boer goat semen. Used to breed the next set of bucks for the herd.
Topknot Oz Sundance (0-2690-S)
  Sundance  DOB: 17.02.2013
Sire: Dudauman Park Shaka
Dam: Dudauman Park F D8053
Sundance is wide and muscular. He is bred from animals from a commercial meat producing farm in Australia

←Sundance as a 4 month old kid

Sundance below at 2years old May 2015
      Sundance May 2015
Topknot Spencer Boy (0-2687-S)
  Spenny 2016 DOB: 25.01.2013
Sire: Macgregors Spencer
Dam: Topknot Chrissie
A triplet buck kid bred by AI Picture taken in April 2016 when he was 3 years old. Doesn't he look like his father below !

  Macgregors Spencer - Australian sire of Topknot Spencer Boy  → Spencer
Topknot Muamba (0-2668-S)
  Muamba Topknot Muamba (0-2668-S)     DOB: 19/01/2013
Sire: Topknot Wilbur
Dam: Topknot Red Majesty

An all Canadian Buck that carries the Red Boer gene.
The bucks from the past
  Wilbur Topknot Wilbur (0-1028-S) DOB: 04.02.2008
Sire: Ram H Pablo
Dam: Ram H Kioni
Wilbur was a very meaty boy with a good back end. His mother Kioni was exceptional. Wilbur is the product of two Canadian goats and has sired many kids passing on his lovely dark head colour and overall meaty conformation. He also had a very gentle nature.
  Kimba Topknot Kimba (0-1820-S) DOB:08.04.2011
Sire: Topknot Prince
Dam: Topknot Kimera
Kimba was a very promising young buck - very meaty conformation. Unfortunately he died of Urinary Calculi a few montha after this pictiure at the age of 18 months. He had fathered a few kids that were born the following spring and all had his meatiness and correct teats. We still have his daughter Topknot Tipple.
  Prince Topknot Prince (0-810-S) DOB 11.08.2006
Sire: Topknot Trooper
Dam: Topknot Nicolette
Prince was bred from two imported NZ embryo goats. His mother was in fact Max's sister. Prince sired many kids and passed on his great length and good feet. He was a big boy weighing 130Kg or more. He was a gentle giant.
Two fresh bucks imported from Canada in February 2007
  Pablo Ram H Pablo ((0-832-S) DOB: 04.04.2005
Sire: Ram H Cobra
Dam : Ram H Chai
Imported from Canada February 2007
Picture taken in 2007
  Merlot Ram H Red Merlot (0-834-CR) DOB: 31.03.2005
Sire: Gisler Tanner
Dam : Ram H Red Lady
Imported from Canada in 2007
Our first Red Boer Buck
Max and Trooper were the first Bucks in the herd and came from the NZ embryo importation Max was smaller and meatier. Trooper had great length and a wonderful temperament.
  Max Topknot Max (0-292-S) DOB 28.02.2000.
Sire: NZB 95 B 585
Dam: LCK586/96
Imported NZ embryo
Photo taken in approximately 2004
  trooper Topknot Trooper (0-294-C) DOB 29.02.2000
Sire: NZB 97 B 744
Dam: NZB 95 B 582
Imported NZ embryo
Trooper in his "working clothes"