Boeer DOes
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Tilda sash Topknot Tilda (0-2076-S) DOB: 04/01/2012
Sire: Topknot Prince
Dam: Topknot Tilly
Best adult doe and overall breed champion at the Three Counties Boer Goat show, June 2014.
Crescent Topknot Crescent (0-3241-S) DOB:03/01/2014
Sire: Topknot Oz Sundance
Dam : Topknot Chrissie
Best female kid at the Three Counties Boer Goat show June 2014
Some of the does currently in the herd
Does group A group of 3 does being judged during the BBGS Assessment training weekend in May 2013
TF Topknot Tooti Fruiti (0-1224-C) DOB: 22.01.2009
Sire: Ram H Red Merlot
Dam: Ram H Tarra

T.F as she is affectionately known is beautiful doe with great length, muscling and capacity. She produces some of the biggest kids each year.
Petal and daughter 2015   Topknot Red Petal (0-2074-S) DOB: 03.01.2012
Sire: Topknot Red Wiliam
Dam: Ram H Red Penny

with 2 month old daughter Topknot Red Pandora in May 2015
katya Topknot Katya (0-1415-S) DOB: 03.01.2010
Sire: Topknot Prince
Dam: Topknot Kimera

Katya is another doe with great length and heavy muscling.  Her mother is below.
Some does that have recently left the herd
Kimera Topknot Kimera (0-1029-S) DOB: 04.02.2008
Sire: Ram H Pablo
Dam: Ram H Kioni

Kimera is another superb doe and she is full sister of Wilbur, one of the herd sires on the Bucks page. She weighs in at over 90Kg
Majestic Topknot Red Majesty (0-1214-CR) DOB: 12.01.2009
Sire: Ram H Red Merlot
Dam: Ram H Red Magic

Red Majesty is a beautiful Red Boer, with great length and capacity. She is the biggest of the red does and is much like her mother Magic. All the Red does produce excellent quantities of milk and rear their kids very well.
Alison Topknot Alison (0-945-S) DOB: 23.07.2007
Sire: Ram H Pablo
Dam: Ram H Tatum

Alison is another fine tradional Boer. Long and heavy, an overall large bodied goat
A selection of the does from Canada.
Kioni Ram H Kioni (0-831-S) DOB :26.01.2004
Sire: Ram H Tanker
Dam : Ram H Jamila
Kioni was the most beautiful and influential doe to arrive from Canada. When mature she weighed 90Kg or more. She is a very meaty goat and is the mother of Topknot Wilbur - a prolific herd sire.
Canadian group A group of Canadian does with Ram H Pablo at breeding time
Magic Ram H Red Magic (0-837-CR) DOB: 02.04.2005
Sire: Gisler Tanner
Dam: Ram H Red Nani
Magic was a large framed Red Boer, The biggest of the red Boers that came from Canada and as big as any of the Traditional Boers. A beautiful doe.
Red Penny Ram H Red Penny (0-838-CR) DOB: 13.04.2005
Sire : Ram H Red Angus
Dam: Ram H Red Star
A compact Red doe. Shorter in the leg than Magic. Meaty and a very good mother
The first great does from the importation of embryos from New Zealand
Nicolette   Topknot Nicolette (0-299-S) DOB: 03.03.2000
Sire: NZB 95 B 585
Dam: LCK 586/96
Nicolette was an imported NZ embryo. She had many kids including quads one year. She is the mother of Topknot Prince who was a herd sire for many years.
Grace Topknot Grace (0-296-S) DOB: 29.02.2000
Sire: NZB 95 B585
Dam: LCK 586/96
Grace was an original NZ embryo and went on kidding until she was 9 years old. She was full sister to Nicolette above.