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Young Goats in May 2018          
Goats May 2018          
Kidding time 2015          
resting goats 2015     kids 2015    
Mums and kids having a rest!     Kids climb on everything    
red kid 2015     kids creep feeder 2015    
3 day old red kid     Kids (nearly 8 weeks old) in the creep feeder    
First week of March 2014- 2 sets of quads born!          
poppyquads     trufflequad    
Topknot Red Poppy had 4 kids weighing 4.0Kg, 3.9Kg,3.9Kg and 3.3Kg
The sire was a Traditional boy carrying the red gene
    Topknot Truffle had quads for the second time on a row! They weighed 4.0Kg, 3.6Kg, 2.3Kg, and 2.2Kg    
Kids   winter kids    
Weaned goat kids in the field     Winter kidding in the shed    
sparkel2008     grazing goats    
Sparkle (a traditional Boer with a Red Boer mother) with her kids sired by a Red Boer. One kid is Red the other is traditional. Also Sparkle's ears were cut short by frostbite when she was a newborn in Canada.     Goats grazing    
Caleta and kids     Kids in tyre    
First kidder with newborn babies.     2014 newborns having a sleep!    
A meat carcase of a 4 month old dairy cross Boer kid. Carcase weighed 20Kg